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Sri Lanka is the source for top quality production garments with an exceptional reputation for timely deliveries.

The garment and apparel industry emerged in the early 1970's with the involvement of the Japanese in the Sri Lankan economy, with Sri Lanka developing into a fully fledged industry leader, with a global name for top quality garments - especially in the USA and Europe. Garment exports are the country's biggest foreign exchange earner, employing almost half the working population either directly or indirectly.

Sri Lanka has capitalised from the termination of the Quota System of the USA. This has given the local factories the liberty to supply quality garments to the USA without any restrictions on quantity. The best value Sri Lanka offers besides quality and delivery is that all garments made in Sri Lanka are exempted from duty in the European Union countries. This gives the European importers approx 15% value advantage thereby contributing towards their profitability.

As a whole, the Sri Lankan garment industry is growing and will have a better future with its commitment to continuous improvement. This island nation is known for its production of both woven and knitted garments for all seasons. Undoubtedly Sri Lanka ranks very highly for factory compliance, child-free and force-free labour and environmental protection. This complements its educated and skilled labour force with an over 90% literacy rate. With many leading international manufacturing companies, technological capability of the factories is of paramount importance and Sri Lanka has made considerable progress in this respect too.

Sri Lanka is a dynamic member of the garment producing and exporting countries. The country is a hub for conventions and exhibitions for wholesalers, exporters, importers and distributors of clothing and accessories alike.



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